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Noah's Gifts (Giving Initiative for Treatment Support) Program

Dragon Master Foundation is proud to share and carry on Noah’s GIFTS (Giving Initiative for Treatment Support). This program allows us to cover a portion of the travel expenses for families who enroll their children in cancer related medical trials far from home. We at Dragon Master Foundation want to provide hope to families of children affected by recurrent pediatric cancer who have not responded to standard treatment options. Families eligible for Noah’s GIFTS have a child who is entering treatment at a Member Institution of the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC) click here to find a list of member institutions. There may also be exceptions for children who reside in Florida, Kansas, and Iowa.


How can you help children with recurrent cancer get the help they need? There are various ways you can support Noah’s GIFTS. Of course, financial donations are always accepted and appreciated. Because we fund travel and per diem costs while the patient and a caregiver are away from home for treatment, we need donations that support those expenses. Donations of airline miles or hotel points would also substantially help us to defray our costs.

If your family or a family you know has been affected by pediatric cancer, contact Amanda Haddock to receive more information; the application for Noah’s GIFTS, requirements to be a participant in the program, waiver, and other necessary documents.

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