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Pediatric Cancer Navigation


CJ Wilsons Children's Charities, Dragon Master Foundation and Hammeras Group are collaborating to offer pediatric cancer navigation for families facing urgent cancer diagnosis.

Through the generosity of our sponsors and donors, families can receive free and immediate healthcare navigation and consultation when the pain of a diagnosis makes it feel impossible to find clarity. Children should not have to face cancer, and parents should never have to feel helpless and directionless while watching their child suffer. We are committed to advocating for these families and providing as much support as needed to navigate a complex and daunting system, including assistance with clinical trials.

Only 4% of federal government cancer research funding goes to study pediatric cancer, and resources for families facing this disease are scarce. We stand ready to help fill the void when it is needed the most.

Please share with us your basic contact information so we can connect.  Also, your child's information so we can better help you.

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