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About 6 months ago, we met Jace, a 20 year old who seemed to be on the fast track to a great life. He is a great guy - smart, funny, kind - everything you would want in a son, brother or friend. But the reason we met Jace was that he had just been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer called DIPG. The prognosis for DIPG is very bad, and patients usually pass away well under a year after diagnosis. Worse yet, Jace is "old" for a DIPG patient. Typically, children are diagnosed closer to the age of 6.  Neil Armstrong's daughter died from this disease back in 1962, and there really have not been any major advances in the treatment of the disease since then - until now. 


Very recently, a young pharmaceutical company called Oncoceutics started seeing some success with slowing the growth of these aggressive tumors. The drug they are developing most likely is not a cure on it's own, but it is performing better than anything we've ever heard of for this type of brain cancer.  Jace and others are on compassionate use of this clinical trial and it seems to be going well so far. It looks like this drug could be on its way to FDA approval, and if that happens, it could be combined with other treatments that could significantly increase the lifespan of people with several different types of brain cancer.  But they have run short of funding, and that's why we are reaching out to you for help.


We need to come up with $125,000 to get compassionate use funded for the next year. With your help, we could bring about the most promising treatment for DIPG that we've ever seen. It would give these kids and their families hope that they could one day beat this disease. It will give them more time - one more birthday or Christmas that they wouldn't have otherwise. 


Please help us make their holiday wishes come true. Your donation today will ensure that this trial does not lapse. 


Funds will be administered by Dragon Master Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on speeding the pace of cancer research.

Don't Let Hope Slip Away - Helping Jace & others w/brain cancer
via Dragon Master Foundation

November 16, 2019

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